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The Merchant Marine Academy of Hydra has been operating continuously since 1749.


The graduates of the class of 1951 together with graduates from other classes, founded in 1976 the "Hydra Captains Club", who at their own expense, bought and renovated the building where is now based, at 19 Zaimi Street, Piraeus.

People of all ages, Masters of all classes of our Merchant Navy, active and retired, participate actively in a multitude of actions and fairly the Hydra Captains Club of has been classified as the only active Captains Club of Greece.

(Photo: The President of the Hydra Captains Club Mr. ZEYKIS Athanasios with Mr. TASONIS Nikolaos, graduates of 1963, at the reception ceremony of the First Year students of the year 2017 and at the opening of the renovated hall '' Athanasios & Gkikas KOULOURAS'' of A.E.N. / Hydra)

Our Academy's relationship with the Club has always been based on mutual respect and love.


Our graduates, after having written off a brilliant career in the sea, are the creators of the very good reputation of our Academy, which is maintained for as many years as it operates. Having travelled to every part of the globe, many times under extremely adverse conditions, being called upon to successfully complete each of their journeys, they have been transformed into an admirable source of knowledge and experience, which they generously give to our students. They are doing it in two ways:

Under the coordination of the President of the Club, members of the club,  often comes during the  educational year to Hydra and deliver seminars (with topics that the students request)  which are not included in their curriculum, in consultation with the Director of Studies. The lectures take place after the classes are delivered and then posted on the Club's website.

Moreover, our students are given the opportunity from the Hydra Captains Club, to ask questions and receive answers in writing, by phone and on its website, both during their studies and during their trips (even after graduation). They can do that, when they are faced with any problem related to their work or seek some advice from experienced seafarers.  


In addition to the aforementioned services of the members of our Club, their uninterrupted presence is remarkable, in every event of our Academy, like the cutting of our New Year's pie, the welcoming ceremony of our first year students and the graduation events. Their presence is another proof of the close relationship that has been created all these years with our Academy and their love for the students and its staff. On behalf, feeling grateful for everything they offer to us and especially for their love, we constantly take care to create bridges of communication between students and the Club. This brings together the wisdom of the older ones with the passion of young people and therefore ensures its expansion of the reputation of our Academy at National and International level.

(Photo: Speech by the President of the Hydra Captains Club,  Mr. ZEFKIS Athanasios, at the reception ceremony  of the First Year students of the year 2017 and at the opening of the renovated hall ''  Athanasios & Gikas KOULOURAS'' of A.E.N. / Hydra)

(Address by the President of the Hydra Captains Club, Mr. ZEFKIS Athanasios, at the concert "The Cross of the South"  for the graduation of our fourth year students  with Christos Thiveos and the unforgettable Thanos Mikroutsikos on 01-6-2017 in Hydra)

(Photos from the concert "Let's drop the sails" for the graduation of our fourth-year students on 01-6-2018 with Vasilis Papakonstantinou in Hydra. In the left photo, the President of Hydra Captains Club, Mr. ZEFKIS Athanasios and the Honorary President Mr. TSINGARIS Evangelos, speak with the Minister Mr. DRITSAS Theodoros before the start of the concert and shortly afterwards, in the right photo, the President of the Club addresses a short greeting)